What does it bring?

Our original, well designed and facilitated learning events focus on increasing collaboration skills that will improve the performance of your teams. This way they will work together more efficiently with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. They will return to the workfloor with concrete actionplans on how to f.e. make better workagreements which automatically will lead to higher results.  Exactly this is where Teamskills creates added value for its customers.

Our programs are suited for traditional functional teams as well as virtual cross-functional teams, project teams or management teams.

Day program "Succesful collaboration"

9 - 9:30am Arrival of the participants.
9:30 - 10am 1st Briefing: a short summary of how the rest of the day will look like, the teams are formed and the first assignment is explained.
10 - 12pm 1st Assignment: the teams leave in groups of maximum 4 persons. Each team has access to an oldtimer.
12 - 1pm Lunch
1 - 3:00pm Debriefing 1st assignment and theory: a detailed explanation of some basic skills of successful collaboration. 
3 - 3:15pm Break
3:15 - 5pm 2nd assignment: the teams leave in groups of maximum 4 persons, each team has access to an oldtimer.
5 - 6pm 2nd debriefing: Once all teams have returned, based on a few elements out of the assignment, the whole group will discuss how the participants have applied and experienced the different learned skills. The group will also discuss how they can use these learnings in their daily work.